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8 thoughts on “Alyssa + Michael

  1. bongo wanted to be a hurricane hero,instead he is a fool and benghazi will not go away.mitt is a good man while your boy bongo is a cold fish of a rat.he left those men to die so he would not have to explaine why he was selling guns to raghead terrorists.he committed treason which is nothing unuaual for you commies.BONGO WILL LOSE THE ELECTION BIG TIME!i hope he leaves in in an orange jump suit like the rosenbergs.when are you going to stop lying or do you even know the truth about any thing?

  2. Digo lo que María:es que acaso se habían ido?Sólo que ahora están más crecidos y más asilvestrados.Hay que jorobarse que después de lo que ha caído y lo que hemos sufrido tengamos que seguir aguantándolos.¡Qué injusto es que tanto criminal siga suelto!

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